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Nearly every household around the globe has a deck of playing cards. They enjoy a mixed reaction considering that they form an indispensable part of casinos and gambling tables, and are also a popular medium in social gatherings and festivals.

However, it is seldom that you actually know the name of these playing cards manufacturers. Infact, it would not be wrong if we said not even 1% of the total user’s of playing cards shop for playing cards using the manufacturers’ name. In situations of such anonymity TMCARDS DOT COM has emerged as a leading manufacturer and brand holder of playing cards in the US UK and Indian markets.

TMCARDS DOT COM was founded in the year 1970 and is a registered member of the International Playing Card Society. The company is a pioneer in the playing cards manufacturing in India and was the first company to introduce pure plastic playing cards in India, besides it has also been the first company to introduce holograms on playing cards.

TMCARDS offers 78 different brands & a trail of over 6200 different custom made designs for discerning clients around the globe. TMCARDS the playing cards manufacturer of popular brands like Don, Crown, Lido & Moghul among the other 70 strong names.

The company introduces new brands periodically and also caters to a list of themes such as packs for magicians, packs in unusual shapes and sizes, packs with large indices & standard regional pattern packs to meet different requirements and also offers cards with logo and product image imprinting to meet to the special requirements of the corporate. The company uses the best quality printing and materials for their cards. Their cards are primarily available on 4 playing card stocks.

Pure Plastic, Black Centered Art Card, Art card / one side coated. The Pure Plastic type of board results in the most expensive range of playing cards, & are usually used as gifts, both corporate & personal. They are crafted from rigid PVC sheets, & are washable & more durable than paper based cards. Prices range from US$ 6.54 to US$ 16.73 per 12 decks - FOB Mumbai, India.

Black Centered Art Card board is usually used in Casinos & Rummy games and comes with a smooth natural finish, & is available in domestic & imported types. This board is extremely stiff, & has a higher popularity in the promotional & corporate gifting sectors. Prices range from US$ 2.90 to US$ 6.00 per 12 decks - FOB Mumbai, India. Art card / one side coated is the lower middle range of playing cards, which is most economical. It has a relatively good finish & is cheaper than the other ranges mentioned. Prices range from US$ 1.75 to US$ 3.00 per 12 decks - FOB Mumbai, India.

The company has its strong belief rooted in the latest technology and a perennial urge to keep itself upgraded with the latest and modern machinery clearly reflects in its culture. The company engages some of the latest in-house production facilities that commence from the early design stage to prototype, manufacturing, finishing, to the final packaging, everything is executed under one roof. “We use the latest technology with three decades of innovation, & constant upgrades to our machines & equipment have made us the foremost in quality in the Indian market.“ adds Mr. Ashok Rajani, CEO TMCARDS DOT COM.

He further adds, “Infact TMCARDS DOT COM is the only Indian Playing card manufacturing company having complete in-house manufacturing facilities.” Further emphasizing on their stringent quality control norms his elaborates, “The company believes in stringent quality control norms and has personal inspections at crucial junctures that have been instrumental in our proliferating client base, helping us earn a remarkable repute among consumers throughout the globe".

The advent of playing cards in the promotional gifts & give-away arena has opened new vistas and opportunities. As more and more corporates are acknowledging the potential of cards as an economical and effective medium to promote brands, the opportunities available have magnified hinting of the good times about to arrive. Considering the popularity TMCARDS enjoys at the moment and the various innovative marketing strategies it is implementing, the future sure looks bright and promising for the company.